Customized Classes at the Prime Sports Institute

September 2019
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At Prime, we offer small group classes led by our team of expert instructors.  Our team emphasizes technique and watches form.  You can expect high quality teaching with adaptations and adjustments based on your unique body.  Leave each class feeling educated and empowered!


​​Class Description: 

Drop into any class that fits your schedule. 

Are you looking to incorporate strength training into your routine to target and enhance core stability, strength and balance?  TRX is a form of suspension training that combines body weight exercises with functional movements. 

This is the perfect class for both ends of the spectrum and everyone in between:

  • whether you're looking for a great 'butt-kicker' of a workout
  • or you're coming back from an injury and want a slow steady build

We will progress and regress the exercises to fit the needs of anyone who wants to give it a try!


  • Being able to move pain-free, even in limited range of motion, is key. If you are experiencing pain with movement, consider making an appointment with one of our Athletic Trainers or Physical Therapists to help get you to pain-free movement. 

Location: Downstairs - Gym


Saturdays - September 7, 14, 21 & 28 

9:30am - 10:30am

  • Drop-in for $20 or Purchase a 4 class pass for $75
  • Reserve your space in class. Each class is limited to 5 students. A waitlist is enabled in case a spot opens up. 
  • INSTRUCTOR: Elodie Chaplain

Foundations: Back Health Series

​​Class Description: 

Improve the health, fitness, and durability of your back with two Doctors of Physical Therapy (DPT). 

  • Participate in guided workouts covering fundamentals of exercise to optimize your function and       performance. 
  • Gain an understanding of modifiable lifestyle factors related to back health.
  • Have the opportunity for discussion and questions with experts in rehabilitation and human movement.
  • Class size capped at 12 students (6 per DPT) to ensure a high quality experience. 


  • Students should be medically appropriate for moderate - vigorous physical activity and exercise. 
  • If you have questions about whether or not this class is appropriate for you, please contact Dave Bond, PT, DPT or Lindsay Kizinkewich, PT, DPT, OCS. 

Location: Downstairs - Gym


Tuesdays, September 3, 10, 17 & 24

6:00pm - 7:00pm

  • Early Bird Special (4 Week Series): $130 with prepayment by Friday, August 9
  • 4 Week Series: $150
  • Drop-In: $40 (on a space available basis)

Reservations ARE allowed for this class. Class is limited to 8 students.   A waitlist is enabled in case a spot opens up.

INSTRUCTOR: Dave Bond and Lindsay Kizinkewich

Monthly Restorative Yoga

Class Description:

90 min of active relaxation through restorative yoga

Dates and Times

  •  Sep 9 and Oct 14: 5:30pm-7pm

Benefits of restorative yoga include:

  • use props to support your body for deeper relaxation
  • relieve the effects of chronic stress
  • increase circulation
  • check
    Boost Your Immune System
  • check
    improve sleep


No acute injuries, ability to get up and down from the floor; No prior yoga experience required

Location: Upstairs Movement Studio

  • ​​$25.00 per class
  • $46.50 for two classes
  • $67.50 for three classes

Reservations ARE allowed for this class. Each class is limited to 14 students.  A waitlist is enabled in case a spot opens up.


Yoga Basics

Class Description:

1 hr class with a focus on doing yoga poses in a healthy way 

Do you ever say to yourself..."I really should do yoga...but I'm way too tight"?

It doesn't matter how tight or flexible you are - come try a class and focus on alignment, action, and your breath in each pose. You will experience immediate benefits in your body that will translate to feeling better in your sport or activity.

  • Discover imbalances or weaknesses you weren't aware of before they lead to future injuries
  • Learn basic fundamentals that will help you do yoga poses correctly for your unique body
  • Use props and receive adjustments when necessary to maximize the benefits of each posture


  • Beginners welcome without acute injuries. 
  • No prior yoga experience required.  
  • Experienced yoga students also welcome! Build strength and endurance in each pose.

Days and Times:

  • Mondays @ noon 

Purchase an 8 class punch-pass (good for 6 months): $120 or Drop-into a class for $17.

Reserve your space in class.  Each class is limited to 14 students.  A waitlist is enabled in case a spot opens up.



Class Description: 

Consider this yoga series if you have been curious about yoga but less than thrilled to step into a traditional yoga studio…or you have never had a good foundational training…or you want to remember your yoga roots.  

We will study the eight limbs of yoga (yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana, and samadhi), and how these inform and support our lives.  

Rebecca Carson will lead you through a systematic approach where we build slowly - with great intention and attention to details.  Come away with a greater sense of self, increased somatic awareness, and more understanding of the history and beauty of yoga.  This is a great beginning to establish your personal practice.

This class is ideal for:

  • - beginning students
  • - students wishing for a foundation they never received
  • - students who are curious about the different aspects of yoga

You will gain confidence to engage in a home practice and move intelligently in your body.  You'll also increase your overall understanding of the system of yoga.

  • 6 Week Series  |  $150
  • Drop-In  |  $30 (on a space available basis)

Location: Upstairs - Movement Studio


Tuesdays, 5:30pm - 7pm; September 17 - October 22

INSTRUCTOR: Rebecca Carson

Yoga for Runners

Class Description:

6-week series: 5:30pm - 6:30pm on Thursdays, September 19 - October 24

Do you ever say to yourself..."I really should do some stretching or yoga...but I'm way too tight"?

It doesn't matter how tight or flexible you are.  You will experience immediate benefits in your body that will translate to feeling better while you run.

This isn't just any yoga class.  Erica is a former collegiate coach who knows how beneficial yoga can be for athletes.  Learn how to do poses properly for your unique body.  You'll get tangible takeaways, tools, and worksheets during these 6 weeks that you can use for the rest of your running career!

  • Learn poses that strengthen, stretch, & counter the impact of a repetitive sport
  • Focus on breathing techniques to use during training and/or racing
  • Incorporate meditation and mantras for mental training
  • Experiment with how yoga fits into your individual training plan
Yoga will make you a better athlete. Even if you never do touch your toes, gaining flexibility, balance, and whole-body strength will improve your form, efficiency, and power. Yoga’s approach to concentration and breath awareness will improve your mental focus and mental endurance - the intangibles that become so important at the end of a long training session or race.  -- Sage Roundtree


  • No prior yoga experience necessary!  
  • Beginners Welcome without acute injuries.
  • Advanced yoga students will be taught more advanced variations of poses.

Days and Times:

  • Thursdays @ 5:30pm, September 19 - October 24

It's beneficial (but not required) for you to come to all 6 weeks.  If you miss a week, you can make-up in Erica's Monday class at noon.

Purchase an 6 class punch-pass: $90 or drop-into a class for $17 (if there's space available)

Reserve your space in class.  Each class is limited to 14 students.  A waitlist is enabled in case a spot opens up.


Click here for a flyer you can share with your running buddies.

Small Group Training

Class Description:

This is a strength training program that begins with a functional movement screen to assess your mobility, stability, and flexibility.

Location: Downstairs - Gym

Date/Time: 2x/week classes for 6 week series: $300

Each session will include:

  • Soft tissue work 
  • Corrective exercises - based on your movement screen 
  • Dynamic warmup - prepare the rest of the body for the workout
  • check
    High intensity exercise - changing tempo, time, and format in a structured way
  • check
    Conditioning and core work 
  • check
    Static stretching and diaphragmatic breathing - cool down and allow parasympathetic nervous system to turn on before you walk out the door

Reservations ARE allowed for this class. Class is limited to 8 students.   A waitlist is enabled in case a spot opens up.

Testimonials from Prime Students

Despite having strength trained for a number of years and having received instruction in proper form and technique, I gained valuable insight into properly preparing the body for a strength and conditioning session.

The small group size lent itself well to individual attention from the trainers and for circuit type training so that the whole hour was efficiently and effectively used.
Small Group Training taught me how to work out more effectively and how not to overtrain.  

Having had at least 4 fitness coaches over the last 18 years, I can say that the depth of knowledge and the level and precision of instruction from the trainers was unparalleled.