​What's keeping you from the start line?

Whether you're an elite athlete or you simply want to feel, move, and perform better.  Prime is the place for you!  Our team of experts can help you get the treatment, care, and support you need...all under one roof.  

Our Team

From athletic training and massage to physical therapy and sports psychology. Prime has the collective knowledge to get, and keep, you moving full steam ahead.

 The Training Room

Utilize state of the art equipment with a recovery plan in hand from your Prime athletic trainers. Drop-in for a recovery session or sign up for a membership and utilize the training room more consistently. 


Prime classes are intentionally kept small so our team of instructors can help you focus on form. You can expect individualized attention and modifications that will keep you healthy and address your unique needs.

​Tools & Resources

​Tips from the training room, patient forms, videos and blog posts can all be found in our tools & resources section. Check out what's new and what we're talking about at the water cooler.

What is the Prime Sports Institute?

The Prime Sports Institute is a multi-disciplinary sports medicine clinic in Bellingham, Washington. 

Our team is focused on helping you maintain a healthy, active lifestyle through a comprehensive approach to wellness. 

Whether you need immediate help with an injury, or you want a plan to stay at the top of your game...we're here to help!

* Click the link in our navigation menu to find a specific service and practitioner.  If you have any questions or need assistance, give us a call at 360-922-3120.

How has Prime helped you?

Thanks to Prime I have exercises that keep me ahead of the injury curve.

I am an elite junior sprint athlete and my main sport is sprint kayaking. Due to my initial technique, I was experiencing problems with my shoulders and hamstrings.  Thanks to Prime, I have exercises I do every day that keep me flexible and ahead of the injury curve

EMMA MCCOY  //  Sprint Kayaking

I had a nagging hamstring issue that would not go away.

No speed work or hills were possible. I felt like I had tried everything. I was given specific exercises, massage, and a handy trick with a lacrosse ball and chair.  Finally, I can run and have kept my injury at bay with what I learned from Kerry at Prime.

KELLY JENSON  //  Runner

I am an elite javelin thrower and have been in the post collegiate realm for the last 2 years.

Prime has provided me with a place to take care of my body so I can continue doing my sport and pursuing my athletic dream. They are helping keep active people healthy so they can continue doing what they love and do it better than before. Every experience I have at Prime is enjoyable and leaves me looking forward to my next visit!

KATIE REICHERT //  Elite Javelin Thrower

I had lost hope, that is until Kerry and the crew at Prime got ahold of me. 

January 1st I couldn't run for 5 minutes without extreme pain. With their encouragement, expertise, and oversight I ran 10 miles today and will be racing a 1/2 Ironman in three weeks time. This would not have happened without Prime. 

SEAN HACKNEY //  Bellingham Triathlete