4 Simple Reminders on the Benefits of Gratitude
written by Erica Quam 1. Gratitude can make you happier (& reduce anxiety & depression). Gratitude has been scientifically proven[...]
Tip from the Training Room: Foot Health
written by Kerry GustafsonIt's important to keep your feet mobilized and loose.Since feet are so heavily used in everyday life[...]
Physical Therapists’ Foundations Back Health Series was a Success!
Physical Therapists' Foundations: Back Health Series was a Success!written by: Lindsay Kizinkewich, PT, DPT, OCS of Precision Physical Therapy The first[...]
‘Go To’ Exercises for Runners
'Go To' Exercises for Runners with Lindsay Kizinkewich, PT, DPT, OCS of Precision Physical TherapyAs you approach the final weeks[...]
Legs up the wall
written by Kerry GustafsonWe're working through a lot of details to open up the Prime Sports Institute this fall. Kerry and[...]
The Prime Team
written by Kerry GustafsonI've been having a lot of business meetings at Camber Coffee on Holly Street recently. I'm inspired[...]
Prime Sports Institute: The Training Room
written by Kerry GustafsonIf you played a sport in high school or college then you're probably already familiar with athletic[...]
Stress Fractures
Here's are some excerpts from a great article on stress fractures from the American Orthopedic Society of Sports Medicine.What is[...]
Muscle Cramps
written by Kerry GustafsonIt's summer.  It's getting hot.  Whether you are training, racing, or recreating, everyone is going to succumb[...]
Aqua Jogging
written by Kerry GustafsonIn the beginning, the AquaJogger® was conceived in Eugene, Oregon USA as a way to take the[...]
Shin Splints
written by Kerry GustafsonAs cooler autumn weather arrives, it seems to be the perfect time to head out on the[...]