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1433 North State Street
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Helping Bellingham athletes and active people maintain healthy, active lifestyles through massageexercise prescription, & wellness education.


I came to Kerry ready to give up on racing all together. Within a few days she had me back running and ready to tackle the coming triathlon season. The best thing is that PRiME gets to the root of issues so that they don’t haunt you as you work and train to be your best. Kerry has put this humpty dumpty back together and made me stronger than ever. I would not have completed Ironman without her expertise, knowledge, and passion.
— — Christopher Garret Hughes, Triathlete
Kerry is by far the absolute best massage and sports therapist I have ever been to. She is an absolute professional knowledgeable in physiology, form, function, and physical dynamics. I am always amazed at how well she can find and fix issues in my body, and they stay fixed! As an athlete I need someone who can understand what I do and how I challenge my body. As an athlete and trainer herself, she gets it and works with me in a way that enrolls me in the total healing process with simple yet really effective exercises and the support to ask her questions at any time. She constantly takes the time to go the extra mile with her clients. I have also done the running gait analysis with her, which was the coolest and most helpful process. She was able to identify my deficiencies, give me exercises to strengthen and eliminate them, and I have never run stronger and healthier. I just can’t say enough about the quality of this woman’s work.
— — Nichole E., Multisport Athlete
I have known Kerry Gustafson since she was an athletic training student at Washington State University. Even then she showed exceptional attention to detail and dedication to the athletes she cared for. She has since worked at a physical therapy clinic and then as a certified athletic trainer at Washington State University. Kerry listens to her client’s concerns and ambitions and integrates their goals into her treatment plans. This experience with high-level athletes and her active life style help her understand the needs of those who expect to return to a high level of activity. Her previous manual medicine skills and training as a massage therapist further enhance her abilities to assist clients who are recovering from injuries and to improve their performance.
— Jeff Radakovich, MD, Team Physician, Washington State University
Excellent care and service, and I am getting better!
Kerry always zooms right in on the problem and works it out, gives great stretching and strengthening advice, and I leave with a plan in my pocket!
Kerry perfectly balances personal interaction and knowledge of my specific history, needs, and future plans with sound science and recommendations for a successful outcome. She is an integral, trusted, contributor to my athletic preparation!
Kerry is a absolute wizard! I was in so much pain (more than I realized). She was persistent and creative in her approach ...and I honestly feel like a new person! I’d be lost without you, Kerry! Keep up the amazing work.
I appreciate the explanations of what is happening anatomically, sharing the photos of the treadmill running gave me a lot of info, and thank you for so patiently repeating what I did not remember or comprehend. (And thank you for going beyond our scheduled appointment time.) I appreciate your positive attitude — that I WILL be able to strengthen and revise my running form; and I look forward to great results.
Very helpful in treating the symptoms and the root cause.
Knows what to do! And leaves me with what I can do for self care!
Thanks Kerry, for your caring and detailed attention to my injury and your specific solutions and exercises.
Kerry is knowledgeable, thorough and has a calm presence that is both healing and inspiring.
I could’t ask for better care.
Insightful, authentic, eye opening! Kerry, you are a wizard. I don’t know what I’d do without you!
Great knowledge and education about my injury.
Kerry is masterful in her knowledge of body mechanics, and a compassionate but firm coach. She is thorough and thoughtful in her assessment of her patient’s ailments, and offers clear and achievable exercises that address the root causes of the problem.