Swim Coaching and Stroke Analysis



  • Begin with a 30-minute Goal Setting Session over coffee (or Skype) so I can get to know you, learn more about your background, what you want to get out of our time together, & discover any limitations such injury, past experiences, etc.
  • Three Stroke Sessions with Erica: These 45-min sessions could be in the pool &/or in open water (weather and season dependent).  You can spread them out over a period of weeks or months depending on your goals and availability.
  • Stroke Analysis and Review from each session: with underwater and overhead views from the front and the side
  • Skills, Drills, & Training Recommendations from Erica based on your strength, technique, and current training program
  • Email Check in's so you can let me know how things are going & ask any questions that come up.
  • What else?  I have lots of tricks and tools in my kit that you can use to help you feel more smooth, relaxed, and efficient in the water!

Limited Availability! 

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  • Send me your video footage of any two strokes of your choice. You can stick with freestyle if that's the main stroke you want help with.
  • You'll receive a personal stroke analysis audio recording from me with my feedback of your stroke.  You can play this back as you watch your original video.
  • I typically narrow down my feedback to what I believe are the two to three most important things for you to work on to help you become more efficient in the water.
  • Requirements:  You must supply me with video clips of you swimming. Above water and below water video clips are welcome; only above water is required.
  • Advantages: Improve your stroke technique, become more efficient, lower your risk of injury, and gain confidence in the water.
  • Film Recommendations:  See the frequently asked questions below for more detailed instructions.  
  • How to Send:  Click here to email me and I will send you a link to download your video files.


1. What are the best camera angles for my video?
For best results, film two clips per stroke of full stroke swimming.  Film one clip from the side from the center of the pool.  Instruct whoever is filming to pan slowly from side to side and keep you in the center of the frame.  Film a second clip head on with you swimming towards the camera.  Swim down the black line with you in the center of the frame.
2. Does it matter if I film in landscape or portrait mode?
Landscape mode (in both angles) makes it easier to see when reviewing.
3. How many video clips do you need?
Please send two – above water - video clips from the two angles as explained above.  Underwater video is helpful and not necessary.  If you have the equipment to supply underwater footage, I will use it and give you a more thorough analysis.
4. How long should video clips be?
Ideally, anywhere from :30 seconds to 3:00 minutes long.
5. Does it matter if I don’t compete in swim meets or races?
It does not matter if you currently compete in swimming or triathlons.  Everyone (including myself) can benefit from having someone else take a look at your stroke stroke.  I encourage all swimmers and triathletes to get filmed.  Feedback from an experienced coach can help you reduce your risk of injury, become more efficient in the water, and help you find a sustainable stroke for your overall goals - whether you're swimming laps to stay healthy, competing in your first triathlon, or getting comfortable and more confident in open water.
6. How is Private Coaching different?
Private coaching provides you with a higher level of service with one-on-one instruction from me during your session.  You can make changes to your stroke based on the feedback I give you and I can let you know if you're on the right track.  This is great for swimmers - from the beginner to the elite - who wants to be able to practice some skills and drills to improve your stroke and then check back in to continue to progress.  It's more limited because of coordinating schedules and availability.  Sessions are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. Depending on Erica’s work load, there may be a delay between purchasing your package and when we can fit in your sessions.
7. How long does it take to get the results from the Remote Stroke Analysis?
Anywhere from 2-3 weeks. Time depends on Erica's schedule. All analyses are done on a first come, first serve basis.
8. Do you teach clinics or offer special pricing for groups?
I love having the opportunity to work with groups and teams!  For group pricing, or to set up a clinic with your group click here to send me an email. For one-on-one coaching, please read through the private coaching section.