Massage Therapy

Best Place to Get a Massage 

Prime's owner, Kerry Gustafson, is one of six massage therapists on Prime's massage team.  As an expert at athletic therapy, her obsession is “connecting the dots to dysfunction in your body and returning you to the sports and activities you love.”  Before Prime, Kerry received four other Best of Bellingham honors for massage.  Come to Prime to find out first-hand why people have consistently voted for Prime for best massage. Schedule with one of our talented massage therapists today!

30 Minute Massage - Can't wait and need to get in for an abbreviated appointment? Schedule a 30-minute treatment sessions for an acute injury and treatment.
60 Minute Massage - Address a primary and or secondary complaint. It can also be designed to incorporate a full body massage experience.
90 Minute Massage - Recommended for injuries and treatment massage. It can include orthopedic and musculoskeletal evaluation and measurements, allow for more detail in massage techniques to address a client’s complaints and compensations. This visit also includes extra time for your practitioner to recommend self-care strategies.

Meet our massage therapists... 

Cortney Kubis

My passion is helping improve people’s quality of life, keeping people active and getting people back to pain free fun. I love the challenge of working with chronic pain conditions as well anyone seeking wellness and relaxation.

Rhys Webb

I love massage therapy because each session is unique and tailored to the individual’s needs whether it be relief from stress in their mind, body or a combination of both. It’s a gift to observe the positive change in attitude, pain reduction and increased mobility after my client’s receive massage. It’s what keeps me learning, growing and staying focused in my work.

Kerry Gustafson

Treatment massage is not a traditional spa massage. Most people think of massage as an indulgence and a treat. While I do my best to make treatment relaxing, my goal is to get to the root of the problem and leave you with results you’ll continue to feel over the next several days.

Gregg Oliveri

I love seeing clients who want to make a change, whether it be to receive care after a recent surgery or help with a long term issue. A powerful dynamic is created when the client is motivated to heal, while the therapist can offer their training and care along the way. 

Justin Spradlin

I love to see the smile that comes from a patient when you feel relief. I also appreciate someone’s excitement when you walk in knowing massage therapy will help you feel better.

Elodie Chaplain

My approach centers around the interconnectedness of our myofascia and our body’s innate ability to heal.  I love working with clients to help figure out which areas of the body need to be released and to provide a space entirely devoted to each person's self-care that can have such a significant impact on reducing pain and stress. I feel passionate about working with people to help make a positive impact in individual lives. 

Rates for Massage Therapy

Kerry Gustafson, LAT, ATC, LMT
  • 30-minute Massage - $75
  • 60-minute Massage - $110
  • 90-minute Massage - $140
Pre-Pay and Save
Kerry Gustafson, LAT, ATC, LMT
  • Three 60-minute Massage Sessions - $306.90
  • Three 90-minute Massage Sessions - $390.60
  • Six 60-minute Massage Sessions - $594.00    
  • Six 90-minute Massage Sessions - $756.00 
Cortney, Rhys, Gregg, JUSTIN, Elodie
  • 30-minute Massage - $50
  • 60-minute Massage - $90
  • 90-minute Massage - $120
Pre-pay and save
Cortney, Rhys, Gregg, JUSTIN, elodie
  •  Three 60-minute Massage Sessions - $251.10
  • Three 90-minute Massage Sessions - $334.80
  • Six 60-minute Massage Sessions - $486.00  
  • Six 90-minute Massage Sessions - $648.00