Coaching can take on many different aspects.  It may be assisting your body out of an athletic rut, or helping you mentally prepare for the next step.  The Prime Sports Institute coaches will help you get really clear on what you want, make important decisions, and then identify the boundaries and standards you need to set to take the very next step. 

​Meet our coaches...

Christopher Fredlund

Chris provides coaching and consulting services for experienced runners, from recreational to elite levels, with Tempo Training at Prime Sports Institute.

I support and develop runners and endurance athletes. Curating training / season programs, providing gait analysis / movement screens, and directly coaching in a high personalized manner both short and long term. This allows me to best develop endurance athletes and get them closer to their athletic potential. 

​Erica Quam

Erica works with swimmers and triathletes - from beginners to elites - to help you become stronger, more confident, and more efficient in the water.  

I was a collegiate swim coach for 15 years after competing in college.  It's a sport that I still love!  I'm a teacher by nature - so I'll meet you at your level and work with you to help you achieve your goals.