Prime Sports Institute: The Training Room

written by Kerry Gustafson

If you played a sport in high school or college then you're probably already familiar with athletic training facilities from school.

Or maybe you've watched your favorite professional athlete in an athletic training facility before or after a game.


An athletic training facility is where you'd go before practice or competition to get yourself ready to be at your best. You could count on everything you needed - from taping and stretching to a dynamic warm-up to get the right muscles activated and firing.

You'd check-in with your athletic trainer and get to work on your pre-hab to prevent injuries, rehab for any current or chronic injury, and figure out what you'd be able to do that day in terms of participation in your sport.


An athletic training facility is also the place where you'd go after practice to use specific techniques, modalities, and protocols to help you maximize your recovery for the next day of practice or competition.

Sit in a cold tub, utilize compressive modalities, or just make sure you're actually taking time to roll out those tired muscles using foam rollers or self-massage tools before you go back home and crash.


This is exactly what we're creating for you here in athletic training facility where you can come before or after your workout, race, or you can be at your best.

  • Maybe you have a new injury...come in and begin treatment right away
  • Maybe you've just had surgery...find out how to speed your healing
  • Maybe you're getting ready for a big race or competition...there are definitely things you can be doing to be better prepared

So stay tuned!

Over the next few weeks, I'll be letting you know more about what our facility will look like.

I'll teach you more about each modality we'll have and specificy the ways it will benefit you.

I'll also let you know how you can get access to the training room and when you can come in.

Something that's this beneficial shouldn't be saved for college and professional athletes. If your goal is to stay healthy and active then you can benefit from an athletic training facility, too!

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