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Precompetition Nutrition



  • This is an opportunity to top-off your body’s stores of carbohydrates (energy) before competition
  • Will help maintain blood glucose levels which will improve mental focus/concentration
  • Help prevent hunger, fatigue, and light headedness during competition
  • Fluids will help hydrate your body and control body temperature during competition (don’t forget to drink during competition!)


Time Before Competition Sample Pre-Competition Fuel
30 minutes—1 hr Mostly Liquids (ex: PowerAde and water)
1-2 hrs Small Snack and Liquids (ex: banana, pretzels, fig bars, PowerAde, water, orange slices, energy bar, gel shots)
2-3 hrs Small Meal and Liquids (ex: 100% juice, lean meat deli sandwich on wheat, piece of fruit, PowerAde or PB & banana sandwich on wheat, low-fat milk, and water)
3-5 hrs Moderate-size Meal and Liquids (ex: Whole grain rice, grilled chicken breast, steamed veggies, whole wheat dinner roll, granola bar or yogurt/fruit parfait, PowerAde, water, low-fat milk)

**Note: Avoid foods that cause you gas, heartburn, sour stomach, etc. Always experiment with foods in combination with training, never introduce something new on competition day.

Pre-Competition Fueling on the Road

Pointers on how to select the best fuel for your body on the road

Fast Food Restaurants:

Choose sandwiches that have grilled, broiled, or baked meats (avoid fatty meats such as sausage, bacon, and fried meats), limit or avoid creamy dressings such as mayo, ranch, blue cheese, or tartar sauce.

Avoid fried food items such as french fries, fried chicken, fried fish, etc. (if it has the word “fried” skip it), instead opt for baked potato (easy on the toppings), baked chips, side salad, or fruit cup.

Other good choices: bean burrito, soft tacos (easy on the sour cream and hot sauce), pita sandwich, scrambled eggs, english muffin sandwich with ham, egg, and cheese, smoothies, spaghetti with red sauce, breadsticks.

Buffets/Sit-Down Restaurants:

Choose food items such as grilled, baked, or broiled meats, scrambled eggs, ham, veggies, fruit, bagels, toast, english muffins, cold/hot cereal, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, 100% fruit juice, low-fat (skim to 1%) milk, yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese, rice, pasta, dinner rolls, red sauces, broth based soups.

Avoid food items such as sausage, bacon, poultry with the skin, fried foods, creamy/white sauces, soups, or gravy, butter sauces, spicy foods, biscuits, desserts: cake, pie, ice cream, brownies, and foods you have never consumed before.