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Recovery Nutrition


What is Recovery Nutrition?

Have you ever heard this one?  "You are what you eat."  Talk with any successful professional or collegiate athlete and you'll hear for yourself their success is attributed in large part by knowing what it means to fuel their bodies for optimal performance.  They not only eat and drink to prepare for practice or competition, but they also eat and drink to repair the damage their bodies sustain during a normal practice session.  Nutrition is fuel for the body.  Just as a car won't run smoothly or efficiently with bad gasoline in it's tank, the human body reacts much in the same way.

Benefits of Proper Nutrition

Effects of Poor Nutrition

Enhance overall athletic performance Reduced stamina and endurance
Maximize training sessions Fatigue
Amplify endurance and energy Undesired weight changes
Enhance recovery from exercise Stress fractures and other injuries
Prevent illness and infections More frequent illness
Prevent injuries

Table Courtesy of Lindsay Brown, MS, RD, LD, CSSD, CPT-NETA,  Lindsay is one of only 26 fulltime Registered Dietitians in a Division I athletic setting. She is invested in enhancing athletic performance through quality nutrition and improving the wellbeing of each student athlete at Washington State University.

Keep checking back as I'll be covering very easy to follow ways to make sure you are prepared for practice and competition.  I'll be giving examples of foods to eat before and immediately after your training, as well as specifics about hydration.  It's not hard to follow, it's not expensive, and it actually tastes good.  I'll also be discussing supplements with regards to dangers and legalities of competition use.  I was responsible for ensuring our athletes were using approved supplements while I worked as an athletic trainer at Washington State University.