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1433 North State Street
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Helping Bellingham athletes and active people maintain healthy, active lifestyles through massageexercise prescription, & wellness education.




I want to welcome you to a space I've created to share both brief and comprehensive information relative to Personalized Health Solutions.  Within this blog, I'll share training tips, injury prevention strategies, answer questions commonly asked, nutrition for optimal healing and training, as well as daily conumdrums we all happen upon.

I'll briefly introduce myself and provide you with some background information of who I am and why I started blogging.  My name is Kerry Gustafson.  I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest.  I moved to Eastern Washington in 1993 to pursue a college education.  I fell in love with the dry climate and 4 distinct seasons that provided the theater to some great outdoor experiences from cycling, hiking, backpacking, skiing, fishing, and even wildland firefighting.

Ever since I can first remember, I've had an innate passion to help people.  I have a passion to specifically help those in pain.  By profession, I'm an Athletic Trainer (ATC), licensed in the State of Washington (AT/L).  Most people think this means I'm a personal trainer who helps develop strength, speed, and agility.  Actually, we do work with athletes to develop these, but we're specifically trained to help prevent injury, evaluate, treat, and rehabilitate injured athletes.

I worked 8 years as an ATC in physical therapy.  I have helped patients ranging from athletes, to pediatric and elderly.  I was also the Head ATC at a high school taking care of the student athletes injuries.  After working in the clinic and high school, I began working as an ATC for Washington State University.  I've been here for 3 years working with Volleyball, Swimming, and Tennis.  While I loved every minute working in the PAC-10 (soon to be PAC-12), I found the person I'm meant to spend my life with and have realized I miss the water and the mountains - the place I grew up.

So a new chapter of my life begins!  We are moving to Bellingham.  I will begin my education and training in Massage Therapy in September.  This will allow me to broaden my ability to treat injured athletes.  In the meantime, I will be offering a new concept to Whatcom County.....Sports Rehab Consultation.  This will bridge the gap between seeing your doctor for injury diagnosis, going to physical therapy to rehabilitate an injury, and resuming training on your own.  I've found that active people utilize medical specialists very well.  But, I have seen a disconnect to their care when they've tried training on their own again.  My training will "tweak" your exercise program to alleviate stress on joints from biomechanical faults, and I'll be by your side as you push your training to the next level.  I'll work with your physician and physical therapists to continue your treatment - ATC's specilize in active injured athletes...this means NO DAYS LOST DUE TO INJURY!

Please stop by frequently and feel free to post comments and provide feedback.  I'm looking forward to meeting new people very soon in Whatcom County!