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Has your training been up and down?  Are you feeling stuck and unmotivated?        

Are you tired of DIY and want someone you trust to tell you exactly what to do?

Our team at Prime is here to help you! 

Work with our team to create an individualized plan to reduce your risk of injury, get back on track with your goals, and feel more inspired...with total support.




Private Sessions

 with Prime Team


45-min session


45-min session


45-min session

Choose from: 1) Athletic Training 2) Coaching 3) Massage 4) Physical Therapy 5) Nutrition and 6) Sports Psychology


Game Plan

Come away from each session with an individualized plan based on your goals and unique needs.

Private Wellness Toolbox

Get access to a private toolbox of valuable resources from our team of experts: 

tips, videos, exercises, virtual class recordings...not available anywhere else!


Wellness Evaluation



Once we have your permission, you’ll have a team collaborating on your behalf. We’ll communicate about you - sharing notes, takeaways, and treatment plans. This is a unique opportunity for you to get a more complete picture of your overall health and wellbeing.

1 Easy Payment​




Prefer a more flexible payment plan? Let us know

Split your silver passport into 2 monthly payments or gold passport into 3 monthly payments for an additional $10 per month.

Need Accountability to get your sessions on the calendar?

Sessions expire in 

90 days

Sessions expire in 

60 days

Sessions expire in 

30 days

As always, we offer convenient online scheduling.  If you need help finding a time or have any questions call us at 360-922-3120 or email

Our team is here for YOU.  

No more wasting time or energy trying to piece everything together on your own. 

College and pro athletes get it.  You deserve this same level of care!

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Tell me more about each session...

Athletic Training

Athletic Training with Kerry Gustafson or Matthew Pettersen
A TeleMedicine session with an athletic trainer can help:

- If you have an injury that needs to be evaluated and want a plan of what to do next

- As you're waiting for an appointment with your doctor or a physical therapist

- Progress your training plan, strengthening routine, mobility program, or rehabilitation exercises

- As an option to the ER or Urgent Care; talk to an AT about any minor injuries like sprains or strains


Accountability Coaching with Erica Quam
Utilize an accountability coaching session to:

- Readjust, reframe, or reset your goals and current priorities

- Talk over a current challenge you’re struggling with and get a different perspective 

- Come up with and commit to a plan for your next steps

Massage Consultation

Massage Consultation with Kerry Gustafson
This is an instructional TeleMed session that’s completely individualized for you: 

- Learn self myofascial release techniques you can safely do at home

- Discuss how to best utilize the equipment you already have

- Talk through a specific recovery sequence individualized to help you get the most benefits including stretching and mobility exercises, foam rolling, plus heat and ice

(You can also choose to schedule an in person massage session now that Prime has re-opened)

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy with Dr. Lindsay Kizinkewich or Dr. Jacqui Berg
Advance your recovery, rehab, & performance with an Online Physical Therapy session:

- Comprehensive evaluation for new or chronic injury, ache, or pain, with movement analysis, diagnosis, treatment, and education about your unique situation

- Individualized injury management plan, using evidence-based rehabilitation

- Education and instruction for therapeutic activities and exercises to expedite recovery and maximize performance, helping you reach your goals

- Self joint and soft tissue mobilization techniques to improve motion and reduce pain from home

- Conservative pain management strategies and recommendations

- Safe progression of post-surgical exercise and activities

Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition with Laura Johnson
Use your virtual nutrition session to:

- Create a personalized nutrition plan that works for you and your lifestyle

- Reach a new level or overcome a barrier

- Come up with goals that are sustainable by creating a foundation that you are able to follow

Sports Psychology

Sports Psychology with Dr. Jennifer Gildner
More details coming soon…

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Q: If I need help scheduling my sessions, can someone on your team at Prime help?