License # A160857484

Matthew Pettersen

​My name is Matthew Pettersen, I recently have moved to Bellingham and have been hired on the Prime Sports Institute team as an Athletic Trainer. I graduated from Washington State University receiving a bachelors of science in Athletic Training and a minor in Psychology. I have my certification for Athletic Training and my license to practice within Washington State.

I grew up very active, participating in several sports throughout high school, including track, cross country, swim team, and soccer. Later I picked up recreational hiking and cycling. This ultimately led to my passion for the Athletic Training major because it taught training for maximal performance in sports and competition along with injury evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation back to the same level of fitness and competition as before. My personal approach and philosophy is that I like to be hands on, using manual therapy techniques and encouraging my patients to maintain their body to stay in optimal shape, producing the best results in competition. This preventive philosophy decreases or eliminates the majority of conditions by recognizing and treating minor issues before they progress into something much worse. This emphasis on properly maintaining your body and taking preventive measures also closely parallels a primary focus here at Prime Sports Institute.

Prime Sports Institute recognizes that the term “athlete” extends much further than the conventional settings of collegiate/professional sports, making it unique and one of the first clinics in the country to open up this kind of practice to anyone. I am very excited to be a part of this clinic because I believe anyone can benefit from the particular skill set an athletic trainer possesses, allowing them to continue and excel in whatever their passion may be.