License # PT60657477

Physical Therapist

Jacqui Berg, PT, DPT, COMT has been providing physical therapy services with Momenta Physical Therapy at the Prime Sports Institute since April 2018.

Dr. Jacqui Berg, DPT is a physical therapist and wellness advocate who specializes in orthopedics and sports medicine. Following a career as a professional snowboarder, physical therapy was a natural choice for her to pursue further education in sports performance, rehabilitation, health and wellness. 

Jacqui is a Washington native and global traveler, familiar with the outdoor athletic community's unique injuries, approach to recovery, and lifestyles. She believes in the power of holistic healing and injury prevention, because sports injuries are not just physical. In her approach, she utilizes a range of techniques, which include manual therapy, joint mobilizations, muscle relaxation strategies, exercise prescription, mindset and performance training. 

Jacqui has special interests in posture restoration and the effects on joint mechanics, deciphering her clients' unique biomechanics, aging athletes, pain science, and dynamic motor control for optimal movement patterns. 

Jacqui's background as an action sport athlete and her approach of treating the whole person allow her to empathize with clients, join their healing journey, and ultimately improve their outcomes. 

Insurance and Pricing


Kaiser, Regence, Regence BCBS, First Choice Health Network, HMA, Cigna, Labor & Industries (L&I), and PIP/auto plans are currently accepted. More coming soon!


Momenta is considered Out-of-Network with all other insurances. You can pay our cash rate and submit your receipt for partial or full reimbursement by your insurance depending on your coverage.

Pricing for Cash Pay - 60 min. sessions

- Initial Evaluation: $140

- Treatment Session: $100

Please contact us to inquire about your insurance coverage.