Registered Sports Dietitian 

My ultimate goal as a Registered Sports Dietitian and nutrition coach is to empower my clients to achieve their greatest potential, accomplish their goals, and thrive in sport and in life. I get such joy in this continuous process of education, empowerment, and achievement. Nothing brings me more joy than a text or email from a glowing athlete with news of a PR or a podium finish, the absence of gut issues or improved bloodwork, the completion of a challenging event, injury-free training, optimized body composition, or just feeling more energetic on a daily basis. 

Hi! My name is Heidi Strickler, I am a Registered Sports Dietitian at Prime Sports Institute. 

I initially moved to Seattle in 2008 to attend college on a soccer scholarship at Seattle Pacific University. I moved around a bit after graduating but returned to Seattle in January 2014 to look for work as a newly credentialed Registered Dietitian. 

I found work, met my now-husband, and called Seattle home until the end of 2017, when I took a big leap (geographically and professionally) and applied/was accepted into a Sports Nutrition Master’s program in England beginning in September 2018. To fill the 9-month gap, I was lucky enough to receive an offer to move to Golden, Colorado to not only expand my sport nutrition experience and qualifications with an incredible career opportunity, but also pursue my trail running career with immediate access to high-altitude training. 

It was in Colorado that I honed my expertise in sport nutrition, established myself as the go-to sports dietitian for plant-based endurance athletes, and solidified my career offering virtual nutrition coaching to athletes worldwide. 

I completed my Master’s degree in August 2019, and moved back to the States with the goals of continuing my virtual nutrition coaching career part-time, but also exploring new opportunities in nutrition for female athletes, collegiate sport nutrition and education, and local PNW networks for endurance athletes. 

Not a month after returning to Seattle I was recommended to the opening at Prime. I immediately fell in love with Prime’s multi-disciplinary model and forward-thinking “no excuses” vision, and despite still living in Seattle, committed to making the commute once each week. I am stoked to be here and be part of the Prime team. I cannot wait to see what the future brings!!

Role at the Prime Sports Institute:

I am a Registered Sports Dietitian (RD/RDN), Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD), and Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist (METS). I am your go-to source for all things related to sports and performance nutrition!!! My specialties include: endurance athletes, plant-based eating, Metabolic Efficiency Training®, and female athletes & the management of the menstrual cycle through nutrition & training.   

I have experience working with runners (road, trail, track & ultra-distance), cyclists (road, MTB, cyclocross), triathletes/duathletes, swimmers, track & field athletes, obstacle course racers, rock climbers, CrossFit athletes, team sport athletes (high school, collegiate, and adult), kayak/rowing, archery, and para-sports including running and triathlon. I work with all levels, from weekend warriors to professionals and Olympic medalists. 

I offer a variety of nutrition services at Prime, including both one-time nutrition sessions as well as various nutrition coaching packages, ranging from 15- to 90-minutes:

  • 1:1 Nutrition Coaching Packages 
  • One-time Nutrition Q&A Sessions
  • Body Composition Measurement and Tracking 
  • Periodized Athlete Meal Plans
  • Sports Nutrition Presentations 
  • Grocery Store Game Plan: Personalized Grocery Shopping Trip


I never had any interest in food or nutrition growing up and never gave either much thought. I ate food, I liked most of it, and that was that. It was not until I began playing collegiate soccer that I received some basic nutrition education and began tangibly experiencing the connection between nutrition and performance. Food was fuel, and I thought it was awesome. 

I am a science nerd through and through and find the human body fascinating. I have always known that I wanted my career to involve the human body and exercise/movement in some capacity, and as a lifelong athlete, my sights were set on working in an athletic environment. 

Certifications & Qualifications:

  • Masters in Sports Nutrition (MSc)
  • Registered Sports Dietitian (RD/RDN)
  • Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD)
  • Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist
  • ISAK Level 1 Certification 
  • Bachelors of Science (BS)

Unique Experiences: 

  • Research intern and sport dietitian for FitrWoman and FitrCoach – Period Tracker, Training & Nutrition
  • Providing nutrition support for the U.S. Women’s National Team during their Gold Medal run in the 2019 World Cup  
  • Performance Dietitian for England football (soccer) club
  • Current article contributor for USA Triathlon Fuel Station blog 
  • Content contributor for Girls Running book by Melody Fairchild and Elizabeth Carey
  • Podcast appearances on NBSV, Mile High Endurance, Grin & Grind It, Weiss Nutrition, and Ultra-Stories  
  • Menu planning and nutrition support for long-duration backcountry wilderness trips
  • I have had the honour of working with some of the best athletes in the world, including, but not limited to: Olympic hockey, U.S.A. triathlon, England football, U.S. Women’s Soccer, New Zealand Kayak, and professional cyclocross riders, ultra-runners, Obstacle Course Racers.


My approach is two-fold: (1) using evidence-based science and robust research as the root of my practices and basis of my rationale, then (2) applying and adjusting said science to the unique nuances of each individual I work with. 

I don’t believe in diets, or that one style of eating is suited for everyone. As an endurance athlete myself, I also recognize that there is a large gap between lab-based nutrition recommendations for training and racing nutrition, and practical application. It is my goal to close this gap, and translate science to success, and paper to podium. 

I encourage balance, variety, and moderation with food, and encourage my clients to find a style of eating that is stress-free, brings them joy, and makes them feel happy, powerful, and ready to take on the world. 

I think my nutrition coaching works because my approach is: 

  • Practical – I don’t encourage fancy or expensive foods for success. 
  • Personal – as an endurance athlete, I can relate and make experience-based nutrition recommendations. Every client gets unique and individualized care. 
  • Periodized – our fueling needs change daily with our training load, and I base my meal-by-meal recommendations on the goals of each day’s training
  • Performance-focused – you can’t out exercise a bad diet, and
  • Passionate – I truly love what I do and the people I work with 

My goals & why I love what I do:

My ultimate goal as a Registered Sports Dietitian and nutrition coach is to empower my clients to achieve their greatest potential, accomplish their goals, and thrive in sport and in life. I get such joy in this continuous process of education, empowerment, and achievement. Nothing brings me more joy than a text or email from a glowing athlete with news of a new PR or a podium finish, the absence of gut issues or improved bloodwork, the completion of a challenging event, injury-free training, optimized body composition, or just feeling more energetic on a daily basis. 

Secondly, I love what I do because my professional career is also my personal passion. I am so lucky to be able to study research that not only makes me a better Sport Dietitian, but also has the opportunity to make me a better athlete. I love being my own test dummy with novel science, new nutrition products, and updated fueling strategies. 

And who can complain when your “work meetings” involve a trail run in the Chuckanuts? 

Why Prime? 

Prime is all about “no excuses” and gives its members the tools to achieve optimal health and perform at their highest level. The environment exudes possibility and empowerment. Prime offers something very unique and rare to the community – a multi-disciplinary team of experts all in one setting, with the facilities to enable clients to transfer medical/health treatment directly into personal habitual practice. Prime is the tools and the toolbox, the ultimate one-stop shop for active individuals. 

Prime is the kind of workspace that fills my cup up more than it empties it, and encourages not only work-life balance, but truly erases all excuses I could make about skipping training or self-care. 

Fun Facts: 

I grew up in the Wasatch mountains outside Salt Lake City, Utah, and the mountains remain at the core of my soul. I was backpacking, hiking, and camping before I could crawl, and I still feel more at home and more energized in the mountains than anywhere else. 

As an adult, that has transferred into a deep love of trail running, mountain biking, and backpacking, although I won’t turn down any outdoor adventure, or any opportunity to be active. I trail race competitively year-round, with my ideal distances ranging from Half Marathon – 50k. In the spring and summertime I get out on long rides on my road bike and usually race a couple triathlons. In the fall I race cyclocross. In the winter I enjoy skiing (alpine and xc), more CrossFit and Bikram Yoga, and compete for the U.S. Women’s National Snowshoe Racing Team. 

Outside of being active, I am a total foodie and love to cook and share meals with friends. I relish the rare joy of relaxing with a good book. I absolutely love boardgames, card games, and puzzles. 

I live in Seattle with my amazing hubby and our rad pooch (she’s a 50# rescued boxer-shepherd mix and an absolute joy) and the three of us love weekend mountain adventures. 

My favourite foods are peanut butter and authentic Mexican, and I don’t go a day without coffee or dark chocolate. 

I recently competed in my first triathlon and it was also my first half Ironman race. I was nervous about many things leading up to the race but one thing I wasn’t worried about was nutrition and fueling. Heidi had me dialed in for race day and the months leading up to the race. I felt the best I have in years and felt prepared to do my best. No way my body would have been able to handle the mileage of the race without proper fueling and nutrition thanks to Heidi. She is simply a genius!


Finding a trustworthy, knowledgeable resource in Heidi to answer questions and guide me on a path to continued success. An infinite amount of advice about nutrition is available from various sources, but I found it hard to know what is accurate and healthy, and what will work for my lifestyle without help from Heidi. Heidi’s unwavering support and encouragement was also invaluable. She believed in me many times when I wanted to give up because I’d reached a plateau.



We would like to thank you for helping our daughter prepare for her big adventure back east to play high level ice hockey.  The help she received regarding nutrition and meal planning been a huge help with managing her Diabetes and her blood sugars have become more stable due to it.  She has even been able to help her little sister on some of her choices for food to help with her endurance.


Heidi helped me so much with understanding the complexity of sport with appropriate (and unique to the individual’s goals) nutrition, so that I could adjust my body’s composition safely and effectively, and compete at the highest level of Cat 1 Cyclocross. My body has responded amazingly well and I think a lot of it has to do with Heidi’s advice. So thank you, Heidi! So to the athlete who has struggled against the scale with the added stress of competition, I firmly recommend seeing Heidi!



I’ve done two more open water swims, each for a full mile. Both times I improved my time since Nationals. The first time by 5 minutes and 3 days later I repeated the drill and that time I was 6 mins faster! Yes, my technique and skills have improved but I don’t think I would have gotten that much faster had I not worked with you. So THANK YOU!


I want to give a shout out to Heidi and recommend her service to you. Her knowledge and demeanor make it easy to work with her. Along with the expertise in nutrition, Heidi was able to advise me in my training regimen leading up to my completion of a Spartan Ultra Beast Race this summer. The Spartan Ultra is 26+ miles of trail running with over 60 obstacles interspersed throughout. It took me over 11 hours to complete but the good part was my nutrition plan was ON POINT. I never waivered in my energy level and that is a direct result from Heidi’s nutrition counsel and plan for me. It was almost magical. If Heidi can help a client like me conquer an Ultra Beast I am confident she can help you with your nutritional needs as well. I am continuing to work with her on some new goals and will keep you posted!