License # MA60746819, P160595987 

Licensed Massage Therapist

I approach massage therapy with a mindset that has come from a lifetime of activity -- ranging from years of mountaineering in the Himalayas to Ironman distance triathlons. When athletes and mountain sports devotees become injured, their goal is to return to their activities as soon as possible. Thoughtful body work based in sound principles is the key to the improvement of a chronic condition, or complete recovery. Good body work delivered by an athletic trainer, massage therapist or physical therapist will hasten the body's return to healthy movement patterns and function. 

I like to combine my work in an outpatient physical therapy clinic with my work as a massage therapist. My clients experience a diverse and comprehensive approach to massage therapy - - one which combines my background in physical therapy, massage and athletic training. 

Hi, I'm Gregg Oliveri.  I was born and raised in Spokane, WA. After a few years of an uninspired attempt at higher ed, I landed in Bellingham to work as a climbing guide in the North Cascades. This was followed by a four year stint working in the Canadian Rockies. I attended Western in my late twenties with much better results. After earning my B.S. in Physical Education, I went on to have a twenty-five year career as a physical education teacher and coach. During that time, I coached cross country and track at Sehome High School (1996 - 2000) and middle school, track and soccer. 

When & How did you get into Massage Therapy?  While attending the Whatcom Community College Physical Therapy Assistant program, I was exposed to massage therapy as part of our training. Thoroughly enjoying the introduction to massage, I decided then to go into the massage program immediately after I graduated from PTA school. I was hired as a PTA at a physical therapy outpatient clinic soon after my graduation in 2015. As planned, I attended Whatcom Community College's Massage Therapy program and graduated in late 2016. 

What are your certifications, qualifications? Tell us about your Unique Experience.  

Physical Therapy Assistant. Four years experience at a busy outpatient clinic.

Licensed Massage Therapist. Three years experience performing therapeutic massage. 

Why do you love doing what you do?/What do you love seeing in your clients? I am an energetic person and like to use my hands as much as I can. This trait, coupled with a natural inclination toward helping others makes me a natural massage and physical therapy practitioner. I've been blessed with the 'helper gene' and I find it a rewarding experience to improve peoples' lives. I love seeing clients who want to make a change, whether it be to receive care after a recent surgery or help with a long term issue. A powerful dynamic is created when the client is motivated to heal, while the therapist can offer their training and care along the way. 

Why do you like being part of Prime? What makes Prime unique/different? There is nothing in the area like the offerings at Prime. There is a diverse and skilled staff approaching the often difficult task of therapy from an approach that is varied while still being grounded in sound methodologies. Ideas and support flow easily within and across disciplines. There are some really cool people working at Prime. Simply put, they want to be the best at what they do.  

What else do you like to do/interests/hobbies/family? Life has blessed me with two grown children and a granddaughter. In my spare time in the summer months, I road ride, surf and rock climb. The winter finds me instructing avalanche safety courses and wandering the mountains on skis. 

"I have been really lucky to get to work with Gregg on an upper leg injury. Gregg has a deep understanding of long distance running and endurance sports. He is very logical in his approach to healing and asked questions to understand my athletic history, timeline and goals. He does a great job of finding and dealing with the root of an injury or imbalance. Gregg has been very helpful in getting me back to running, I'm really thankful for his understanding of sports and the body."

- David Laney, Trail Runner

"I just received the best ever massage from Gregg at Prime Sports Institute. In addition to the most therapeutic massage, relieving shoulder and neck pain, Gregg gave me advice on a few simple exercises I can do which will continue the healing process for my shoulders. He is a true professional - a healer! Consider yourself fortunate if you have the opportunity to have Gregg give you a massage."

- JoAnn Oliver.