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Foot care demonstration

Tip from the Training Room: Foot Health

written by Kerry Gustafson

It's important to keep your feet mobilized and loose.

Since feet are so heavily used in everyday life and activities they often get very tight and are often forgotten about!

Having tight muscles of the feet can affect body structures further up the kinetic chain in the body.

This video demonstrates several mobilization techniques to help your feet stay loose.

The Prime Team

written by Kerry Gustafson

I've been having a lot of business meetings at Camber Coffee on Holly Street recently.

I'm inspired by the space, their service, and the atmosphere they've created. I believe in cultivating relationships and giving full attention, face-to-face, when meeting. These meetings at Camber have helped me get more clear on these same things for the Prime Sports Institute.

A lot of thought and intention have gone into all the little details of this new space so our team can offer you a high level of service as well as a healthy and positive atmosphere.

Speaking of our team...we've got an incredible team of people working hard behind the scenes. I can't wait for you to meet them!

In fact, I'm going to introduce you to our team over the next couple of months - so you'll be able to appreciate the talent and vision of the many people who have helped me bring my vision to life.

Stay tuned for these team introductions...coming soon!